Double head leather laser cutting machine price 1.4X1m 1.6X1m 1.8X1m

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Product Hightlights
Applicable Material Laser Type Cutting Area
Acrylic, Leather, Paper, plastic, Wood, Shoe,PU,PVC,Fabric CO2, DC glass CO2 laser/RF metal laser 1mX0.6m,1.4X0.9m,1.6X1m,1.8X1m
Cutting Speed:
0-48000 mm/min
Graphic Format Supported:
Laser Cutting, laser cutting engraving punching hollowing
Cutting Thickness:
according to different materials
CNC or Not:
Cooling Mode:
Water Cooling
Control Software:
Golden Laser Software
Place of Origin:
Hubei, China (Mainland)
Brand Name:
Golden Laser Software
Model Number:
Laser Power:
80W, 130W
Working Table1:
Zn-Fe-alloy fixed honeycomb working table
Working Table2:
Conveyor working table
Positioning Accuracy:
Motion System:
Step motor
Power Supply:
AC220V±5% / 50Hz/60Hz
Cooling System:
Chiller CW3000
Auto-feeder, Multi-head smart nesting software, Machine cover
After-sales Service Provided:
Engineers available to service machinery overseas
Supply Ability
Supply Ability:
6000 Set/Sets per Year (customized model acceptable)
Packaging & Delivery
Packaging Details
Wooden Case Package
Lead Time :
15~30 Working Days


leather laser cutting machine
1.Double head
2.Clean cut edge,no fraying
3.Constant cutting quality
4.High efficient

Double head leather laser cutting machine price 1.4X1m 1.6X1m 1.8X1m


GOLDEN LASER is one of the leading manufacturers for high-end CO2 laser machines for cutting, engraving and marking of nonmetals. Typical materials are textile, fabric, leather and acrylic, wood, plastics. Our laser cutters are designed for both small business enterprises and industrial solutions. We would be pleased to advise you!


Compared with the traditional knife cutting, laser adopts advanced CNC technology and a unique non-contact processing, so laser processing is without any graphic limits and will not produce any mechanical deformation. Laser processing has the advantages of high precision, high speed, no fringe and high quality. In addition, laser processing has wider applicability. It can cut, engrave, hollow and punch on various fabric, applique, label, garment accessories, leather, fur, shoe material, home textile, upholstery, plush, felt, etc. Laser can create any special effects and patterns, the process is more sophisticated, creative and unique.


Laser Cutting Leather And Textiles

Golden Laser cutters can cut a wide variety of textiles quickly and easily.  Lasers cut leather, fabric, textile, filter material, linen, fleece, insulating material, cotton, and more.  The laser can even cut strong materials such as Kevlar.

Compared to traditional cutting methods, the laser offers several advantages:

  • Fast cutting speed
  • A great deal of flexibility
  • Non-contact and tool-free process
  • Clean, perfectly sealed edges - no fraying!!
  • The "nesting" feature guarantees the economical use of materials
  • Easy handling
  • Very cost-effective, even in small batch sizes

Laser Cutting Machine Advantages

(1)No burr/fraying with laser cutting:

Laser cutting is done by high temperature process. It can make cut edge to close up automatically. Hence, no need to recut the patterns after one-time cutting.

(2)No distortion to the processed fabric:

In the process of cutting, laser dose not touch the processed fabric, but laser beam works on the fabric.

(3)High precision:

Diameter of the laser beam can be focalized into 0.1mm (we adopt top lens imported from world famous company II-VI-INFRARED).

(4)High efficiency and easy operation:

Just upload the graphics into the cutting machine and laser will cut fabric into shapes as designed.

Cutting is done exactly according to uploaded graphics through computer control.


Laser Cutting Machine Applications

  • -Label Cutting: woven label, garment label, and embroidery label
  • -Garment Accessories Cutting: applique, interlining, collar, cuff and pocket cutting, seamless splicing
  • -Leather and Fur: shoes, bags, synthetic leather, genuine leather engraving, punching, cutting
  • -Plush Toys and Craftwork Slippers: auto nesting, cutting, pattern digitizing
  • -Furniture fabrics Home Textile: cutting, engraving and punching
  • -Automotive interior: laser cutting car seat cover, car mat, upholstery interior, suede fabric, velvet, PU PVC composite leather 

What Laser Cutting Machine brings for our customers?

  • -High precision and high speed
  • -No distortion, no fraying, no burnt edges
  • -Automatic and continuous material feeding
  • -Maximum utilization of material for cost saving

We are always bringing you simple, fast, individualized, and cost-effective processing solutions. Just using GOLDEN LASER Systems and enjoying your production.


GOLDEN LASER as a professional supplier of complete laser solutions, latest Laser cutting and engraving systems are available to create extensive range and impressive designs. Laser cutting of leather is applied for making shoes, footwear, belts, purses, gloves, bags and wallets, car seat covers, leather cut patches for jackets, key chains, and for making leather garments, etc. Here the leather is cut as per the design giving quality finish.

Leather Laser Cutting and Engraving Technical Advantages

  • Efficient and smart nesting technology (Single-image nesting and Multi-image nesting)
  • Large format and high speed Galvo laser engraving and punching
  • Advanced pattern digitizing technology
  • Long pattern flying engraving and cutting without splicing traces
  • Advanced solutions for genuine leather cutting
  • Overlong material continuous cutting
  • High performance spreading, feeding and rewinding systems

Laser cutting and engraving of leather, or rather synthetic leather

  • Contactless cutting with laser technology
  • Precise and very filigreed cuts
  • No leather deformation by stress-free material supply 
  • Clear cutting edges without fraying
  • Melding of cutting edges regarding synthetic leather, thus no works before and after material processing
  • No tool wear by contactless laser processing
  • Constant cutting quality

By using mechanic tools (knife-cutter), the cutting of resistant, tough leather causes heavy wear. As a result, the cutting quality decreases from time to time. As the laser beam cuts without having contact with the material, it will still remain unchanged "keen".  Laser engravings produce some kind of embossing and enable fascinating haptic effects.

Product Description

Golden Laser - Laser Solutions for Leather Cutting, Engraving, Marking

MARS SERIES Standardized Laser Cutting Machine

Laser Cutting Machine Models: MJG-14090LD, MJG-160100LD, MJG-180100LD, MJGHY-14090LDII, MJGHY-160100LDII, MJGHY-180100LDII

Laser Cutter Main Cutting Areas: 1000mmX600mm, 1300mmX900mm. 1400mmX900mm, 1600mmX1000mm, 1800mmX1000mm, etc.

Laser Cutting Machine Features

1. Two sets of laser sources, it not only can produce the laser beam simultaneously by double head for batch processing, but also can achieve large format cutting and punching by one head separately, according to designs in computer.

2. Double head mutual locomotive and electric controller structure, the distant between two heads can be adjusted according to the cutting size, saving materials greatly.

3. It is amazingly precise, following the pattern or curve you have drawn on screen.

4. The software supports BMP, AI, PLT, DST, DXF, etc. You can print to the laser from a variety of programs, including CorelDraw, AutoCAD, Adobe software, etc.

5. Particularly suitable for fur, leather and shoes processing industry.


Advantages of Multi-head Laser Cutting

1. Automatic distributing distance:

The distance between laser heads can be automatically controlled by computer, improving your working efficiency.

2. Multifunction: You can use double laser heads working at the same time, also you can use one laser head to do the whole working table processing.

3. No waste even in the edge of your table.

4. Saving material to the maximum: nesting software makes the utilization rate of material to above 90%.


Laser Cutting Machine Technical Parameter

Model No.



MJG-14090 LD

MJG-160100 LD

MJG-180100 LD

Working Area






Working Table

Zn-Fe-alloy fixed honeycomb working table

Conveyor working table

Laser Type

DC glass CO2 laser tube

Laser Power

50W, 65W, 80W, 110W, 130W, 150W, 180W

Working Speed

0-48000 mm/min

Positioning Accuracy


Motion System

Step motor motion system

Power Supply

AC220V ± 5% / 50Hz/60Hz

Format Support



Chiller CW3000, Mini air compressor, 550W exhaust fans


150W CO2 RF metal laser tube, Auto-feeder, Multi-head smart nesting software, Machine cover

Laser Leather Cutting Machine Related Models

Flatbed Laser Cutting Machine, CJG-160250LD Working area 1600X2500mm, Co2 RF laser/Co2 glass laser

Galvo Laser Engraving Machine, ZJ(3D)-9045TB Working area 900X450mm, Co2 RF laser 150W 275W 500W

Galvo Laser Engraving Cutting Machine, ZJ(3D)-160100LD Working area 1600X1000mm, Co2 RF laser 150W 275W 500W

Working size and laser power can be customized according to requirement.


Laser Cutting Machine for Leather Application
Fur,Pu/pvc/synthetic/artificial leather,velvet fabric,suede fabric,pvc composit leather and shoes materials for car seat cover,bags,shoes,garment,label industry.Such as leather bag,leather luggage,leather insole,leather shoes,leather apparel,leather label,leather gloves and other garment accessories.

Laser Cutting, Engraving, Punching, Hollowing Leather, Samples Gallary

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Golden Laser offers different type (Co2, YAG, Fiber) of laser machines and provides a comprehensive range of laser cutting, laser engraving, laser marking and laser welding systems. Whether you need a cost-effective machine or a more sophisticated laser solution, from the economical models to the large format automated laser processing systems, even customized laser systems, Golden Laser has the laser solutions that satisfy your requirements.


Please advise us the following information, so that we can recommend you the most suitable model, right now, feel free to contact –Golden Laser! 

      1, are you interested in laser cutting machine or laser engraving machine?
      2, what material do you need to cut / engrave?
      3, is that material in roll or in sheet? what is the width? (size?)
      4, after engraved / cut, what will be the material used for? (application)
      5, are you an end user or reseller?


GOLDEN LASER main products: laser cutting machine, laser engraving machine, laser marking machine, laser welding machine, laser bridge embroidery machine
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